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Blanket Safe Wholesale Information


For retailers and pet laundries that want wholesale pricing on the most effective detergent-free Horse Blanket Laundry Soaps on the market.


Wow customers in your retail store or pet laundry when you add Blanket Safe’s detergent free laundry soap and water-repellents to your line of products. Increase your business profitability with our special wholesale pricing, available exclusively for retailers and pet laundries. 

  • When you add Blanket Safe products to your retail line, you’ll reach new customers who want a safe, easy and highly-effective way to wash their horse blankets, pet beds and other animal wear products.
  • When you use Blanket Safe washes in your pet laundry, you’ll impress customers with better results that help protect waterproofing and color. 

    Apply to wholesale Blanket Safe products 

    Before emailing any purchase orders, we must review your wholesale application. 

    1. Download the Blanket Safe Wholesale application here, and fill out completely.
    2. Email us your completed application. 
    3. Once we receive your completed application, you will be emailed a Wholesale Information Packet and Order Form, which details our wholesale prices, product, and information on private labeling.

      Blanket Safe Wholesale information


      Questions about wholesaling Blanket Safe?

      If you have any questions about becoming a wholesaler, we’ve got answers up the horse’s wazoo!  Please send ‘em in using the form below. We'd love to have you on the Blanket Safe team!