About Us

We’re driven by one mission: to give equestrians and animal lovers the safest and most gentle washes in the world to clean and protect horse wear and pet care investments.

A Horse Product That’s So Safe and Budget Friendly, You Might Call It a Unicorn.  

Horse blankets are expensive, but we believe washing them shouldn’t have to be. 

You care about your horse’s comfort and well being--it’s why you give him a blanket in the cold winter months. But too often, washing that blanket has been either expensive...or a recipe for disaster. 

Most people don’t know this, but traditional detergents and heat are the quickest way to ruin your pet care investments. They destroy waterproofing, fade colors, and disintegrate materials.  For years, horse enthusiasts have used them because they were the most convenient way to quickly wash your blankets and pet wear.

Blanket Safe is here to change that. 

Finally there’s a detergent-free, cold water wash at your fingertips that’s not only affordable, but also safe and easy to use--it really is that unicorn of a dream horse you’ve always imagined.

The Foaling of Blanket Safe

Just like you, I was DIY washing all my horse blankets and saddle pads, but kept running into a few MAJOR problems.

First, every single (very expensive) saddle pad, horse blanket, wrap or other equestrian product care label had the same care instructions:

Wash with mild soap in cold water only. Do not use detergent or bleach.

I’m a serious rule follower, so you can imagine my frustration when I couldn’t find washes that followed those care instructions and did the job well. 

Second, my horse is VERY sensitive to chemicals (some days I swear that even rain makes him break out in a rash, and let’s not talk about the hives from the clipper blade coolant or fly spray). 

And finally, I’m as stubborn as a horse’s (well, you know), which means I’m not going to spend money for someone else to do it if I can do it myself. Blanket laundries wanted to charge me $25-40 to wash one blanket...money I don’t want to spend. 

Please tell me you can relate, and I’m not the only crazy horse person out there!


We created Blanket Safe to give horse owners a break on washing their blankets.

I was on a mission to solve my horse blanket washing problems. After “retiring” from a nursing career to be a full-time mom, I started a horse blanket laundry service in my local community, using the detergent-free, safe wash product I’d developed. 

But that “local” part didn’t last for long. Word got around that my laundry service left people’s horse blankets cleaner and brighter than anywhere else, and before I knew it, I was up to my ears in horse gear and blankets shipped to me from animal lovers all over the United States, and I couldn’t keep up with the demand.

So I started bottling my secret shine sauce for people to DIY clean their gear themselves, and before I knew it, Blanket Safe was born. 

With products thoroughly researched and backed by a team of veterinarians to make sure that Blanket Safe will not only be safe for your laundry--but also your horse’s skin--Blanket Safe is clearly like no other horse blanket care product on the market. 

We started Blanket Safe as a passion product. Passion for the animal, the sport, the people, and the community. It’s rapidly grown from its humble, homemade origins to an unforeseen national phenomenon. Suddenly, people who hated the idea of cleaning blankets and pet laundry themselves find that Blanket Safe makes washing a safe, effective, affordable--and most importantly--EASY task.

Pet lovers across the USA are proudly transforming their dirty, smelly and gross gear into something fresh, clean and almost like new again. 

By the way, despite our growth and success, I haven’t strayed far from my roots. Each and every bottle of Blanket Safe is still hand created, poured, and each label is still applied by ME!


The Blanket Safe Difference

  • Cold water effective
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No detergents
  • Protects expensive waterproofing
  • Only $5 or less a load


Blanket Safe Team

The Blanket Safe team is made up of dedicated equestrians. Just like our uniquely gentle washes we all use and love, each individual on the team is totally unique and valuable to Blanket Safe. Each one of us prides ourselves in being active in, and supporting the equestrian community.

Laura from Blanket Safe

CVO, Chief Visionary Officer. 

Formerly known as Nurse Laura, she’s now fondly referred to as “The Blanket Lady.

Laura runs both her Professional Horse Blanket Wash and Repair Service and Blanket Safe from the Heart of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. A lifelong horse enthusiast, she lives on a farm with six horses, three dogs, two cats, and far too many chickens to count. 

With the help of her Veterinarian husband, she created and designed Blanket Safe products when she saw a big gap in the market, which lacked safe, quality, horse wear washes. She’s a mommy to two beautiful, horse-loving daughters, and considers herself a self-proclaimed horse addict. Even though Laura’s almost always up to her neck in blankets and bottles, she still actively competes with her handsome steed, Ham, and continues to train and work her three other horses in the barn.  


Blanket Safe Ham, Blanket Safe Mascott










CQA, Chief of Quality Assurance
Nottingham, lovingly referred to as just Ham, is single handedly the most important and most opinionated Blanket Safe team member.

Ham is a seven-year-old  ¾ TB, ¼ Clyde Cross. Born and raised with Laura and her husband, Ham is as proud of his high-maintenance lifestyle as Moira on Schitt’s Creek, and just like Moira, he unabashedly shares his opinions about everything, especially when it comes to horse blankets, his favorite scents, and his horse “requirements.” 

What exactly does Ham require? Where do I begin? 
Long grazing days…
hours spent under a therapy blanket…
getting fed plenty of papaya and sugar cubes…

Occasionally you’ll find Ham gracing the @BlanketSafe Instagram Page with his very “wise” words of wisdom, or even some Ham shenanigans.

Megan from Blanket Safe

QCO, Quality Control Officer.
Fondly known as "Ms. Meggie"

She is a teacher by trade, and a newly-wed. Megan is a hard worker, with an exquisite eye for detail. In her spare time she loves riding her Chincoteague ponies, Breezy and Mischief and can be caught competing at shows all around USEA Area II.


Where Leading Horse Blanket Laundries Shop!

We understand that horse blanket care and quality, is hard to come by.  We provide you with professional products AND heavy duty hardware, all at one location. No more searching endless sites and having multiple suppliers for the basic hardware you need. The Blanket Safe Shop as all your washes and water-repellents, and let us know what hardware you need too! Most all of the hardware we supply is all welded and heavy duty, unless otherwise specified. We do offer some lite weight hardware for other purposes should you need it too!

!We are now Proudly Shipping to our Canadian customers via our website! Shipping Rates may vary as we work to get you the best price possible.

 Where to find Blanket Safe Products!


Jeffer’s Pet- Dothan, AL


Tack Solutions by Lori- Phoenix, AZ


Chick’s Saddlery- Harrington, DE


LK Tack- Monee, IL


Tack Shop of Lexington- Lexington, KY

The Hitching Post Tack Shop- Middtletown, KY


Anytime Tack- Silver Springs, MD


Barn Laundry of Cape Cod- Harwich Port, MA


Everything Equine Tack- Oxford, MI

Sporthorse Saddlery- New Hudson, MI

Valentino Tack- Macomb, MI

Wyldewood Tack- Lambertville, MI


Log Cabin Tack- Hooksett, NH

The Trainer's Loft- Tilton, NH


Lisa’s Tack Shack- Pilesgrove, NJ

Toll Booth Saddle Shop- MT. Holly, NJ


Adirondack Tack- Plattsburgh, NY

The Cheshire Horse- Saratoga NY

Pistol Lilly Ranch Tack Shop- Amsterdam, NY

RIDE Bedford- Bedford, NY

Snaffle A Little Bit- Akron, NY


Royal Equine- Hope Mills, NC


S & N Tack- St. John, ND


Jacks Manufacturing– Wholesale Distributor, Washington Ct Hs, OH

The Tacky Horse- Beavercreek, OH


Cross Roads Tack Shop- Lebanon, PA

Equine Earth Store- Kintnersville, PA

Stateline Tack- Mountain Top, PA


ReRide Tack TX- Cypress, TX


Western Ways- Forest, VA

Mad Tack- Madison VA


Bahr Saddlery, Hornby, ON

Do you not see your closest Tack Store? Please let us know! Contact US!