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Effective, Chemical-Free Wash for All Horse & Pet Wear

Why Blanket Safe?

Did you know that regular detergent is full of chemicals, ruins waterproof fabrics, and can irritate your horse's and pet's skin?

Blanket Safe is the only wash on the market that's completely safe for your horse, pets, fabric, and waterproofing. It's also gentle on the skin--yet cleans so much better than those box store detergents. (By the way, it smells amazing too, but doesn't leave behind any scents that bother animals' sensitive noses).

Made for Horse Wear & Pet Wear

* Effectively cleans and removes mud, dirt, sweat, manure, grime, and oil-based sprays from daily use.

*Removes the toughest of odors that regular detergents leave behind.

*Can be used on all washable fabrics (not just your horse blankets!)

Blanket Safe Wash

Safe for your HE Machine

*100% safe for use in high-efficiency (HE) washers.

*Excels in cold water.

*Creates minimal suds for maximum cleaning power.

*Powered to work with large loads.

NO Detergent, NO Softeners, and NO Chemicals

*Safe for all waterproof materials.

*Doesn't deteriorate fabric like regular detergents.

* Naturally conditions fabric without any fabric softeners.

*Safe for the environment.

Those other detergents clean tents and human gear. Our washes are made for the tough pet stuff.

You don’t need a detergent that cleans tents--you need something that works hard to clean the kind of dirt and grime produced by your pet. Our washes effectively & safely clean:

*Blankets * Sheets

*Fly masks *Boots

*Wraps *Bandages

*Saddle pads *Wool

*Sheepskin *and plenty more...

Proudly Made in America, Proudly Made for You. 

Maintains Fabric Colors & Waterproofing

Blanket Safe horse and pet wear washes will not destroy waterproofing or dull fabric brightness.  Common detergents and softeners often cause delamination of waterproof properties, which means money down the drain. Our proprietary formulas help keep your pet’s laundry looking bright--without any harsh chemicals and will not strip the waterproof coating off fabric fibers.

*Color safe

*Waterproofing safe

*Protects your pet wear investments

Excels in Cold Water for Energy Efficiency

Hot water can shrink, fade, and damage waterproof fabrics, all while wasting energy (and your money). Blanket Safe’s cleaning capabilities aren’t affected by water temperature, so you can confidently wash your blankets cold and protect them from heat-related damage.

*Cleans in cold water

*Reduces hot-water damage

*Saves energy

100% Sourced, Bottled, and Shipped from a US Small Business

As a small but “Mighty Proud” USA-based business, we not only leave a smaller carbon footprint than larger corporations, but we dedicate our entire business to providing animal lovers and industry professionals with safe, gentle and effective horse and pet wear washes. We’re run by people--not by boards, stakeholders or artificial intelligence. This means we don’t cut corners and we only make products that we use in our own lives. 

*100% Made in America

*Owned by a Horse Blanket Professional and veterinarian, (fellow horse owners and riders.)

*Conscious care, and exceptional quality poured into every single bottle

I use BlanketSafe on my dressage show whites, my brushing boots, my riding gloves and pretty much anything else horse related. Have been using the product for about 9 months. I like it a lot. It smells nice, it cleans, and my stuff doesn’t get ruined. Triple win, triple threat against dirt.

Melodie Weintraut

Wonderful product. Works great! Our blankets, sheets and coolers never looked better.

Terri Bogdan Pennell

Amazing products and sooooo helpful! I started my own equine laundry company and have reached out to them so many times and they are always very helpful!! Highly recommend

Katie LaCasse

I send out my horse's laundry (call me crazy!) and his fly mask was absolutely disgusting. It stunk like a teenage boy wore it for the summer, but returned smelling like fresh linen. I had to find out what detergent was used and it was indeed Blanket Safe. I contacted the company immediately and now I'm using it on all things horse, even my own clothing! I absolutely love this product. It's not harsh, and everything is squeeky clean and smells better than any regular detergent on the market. The best kept Secret of 2020!

Samantha Goldberg @samieve

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