Why Blanket Safe?

We love getting questions and giving answers. One of the most popular questions we receive is “Why Blanket Safe?” So today, lets talk about the WHY, not the what, where, when, or how. Let’s dive into the grossness that horse blankets are, and learn the WHY behind Blanket Safe products, and the why not behind other products. After all many products are not for horse blankets. Just because word “Horse” is slapped on a product with a 30% price increase, it doesn’t make that product safe or effective for horse wear…but it happens.

Each one of Blanket Safe’s unique properties are specifically included, for a purpose. If you want more information on our product’s washing characteristics, check it out here! However, today we are talking about Blanket Safe products as a whole and why they are so different, so lets begin.

Why Blanket Safe? Why Not?

So imagine this for a second, that pair of underwear you are wearing right now…yes, that exact pair…you need to wear them for 6months straight. No, they will not be washed, you must wear them 24/7 for the next 6 months. After that 6 months is up, you can wash them….but only in your choice of toothpaste or hand soap. Yes, that is correct, NO Laundry detergents! Then you can put them away for a few months, but then, once again…you must put them back on for another 6 months straight. What do you think of that? What did you say? “Gross?” Why is that gross? It is the same thing you are doing to your horse blanket if you wash in laundry detergent or any products not specifically designed for a horse blanket! Mind blowing right?

In many cases horse blankets are worn 24/7, unless removed for a quick ride, before being thrown right back on. And, this is done for anywhere from 4-7 months a year, possibly more depending on your location. They live in them, they sweat in them, they roll in them, they go out in all weather conditions, and yes they get urine and manure on them too! The bacteria growth is disgusting, and is often the cause of that stench your blanket gives off. Are you still asking “Why Blanket Safe?” Ok, let me ask you then, would you wash your hands in car soap? Would you wash your dishes with tooth paste? Or use Mouth Wash for your Laundry? Would you wash your car with hand soap? And why not? Because those washes were not designed to clean that type of item. This is the same for horse blankets.

Why Not Laundry Detergents?

Laundry detergents don’t do the job needed for a horse blanket. A laundry detergent can ruin the integrity of your horse blanket, the fabric and the waterproofing. Plus…it won’t clean out the build up of grossness and bacteria, and it will make applying an appropriate water-repellent nearly impossible. There have been “horse blanket washes” on the market for 40 years, however, do you realized the amount of changes horse blankets have gone through in those years? From canvas, to modern day blends and nylons. Plus, take a look what those washes were created for. When was the last time your canvas tent rolled in manure, or was lived in by a horse? So, when people come to me and ask why other products don’t work…it’s because they are not designed to work with horse blankets. Hence putting “Horse” on a product, and charging you more.

Why is Blanket Safe Different?

Blanket Safe is designed to be effective on modern day horse blanket fabrics, to clear out bacteria, and designed to wash common “substances” found on a horse blanket. It is created to be safe for not only the blanket, the waterproofing, and breathability, but also for the horse’s skin. Blanket Safe washes are residue free, and do not use harmful chemicals. Also, our scents are light as to not reodorize, but to remove odors from the source. Blanket Safe Soaps are not stain removers, they do not beach whites or use any oxy-power, and they do not brighten colors. Blanket Safe boosts color and shine by conditioning the fibers that get frayed, worn and dull looking, during rolling and rubbing. Once your item is washed in one of our Blanket Safe products and dried, your item will be safe for kids, dogs, cats, and horses to roll on.

Still not Convinced?

Ask those individuals that use our products. Some of those individuals are the same ones that realized the consequences of washing in an inappropriate detergent or soap. There’s the horse that had an allergic skin reaction to the products they washed their leg wraps in. Or the owner that removed her horses saddle pad, and also removed the horses hair right off of his back. Let’s not forget the fly sheet that created bleach marks on areas where the fly sheet touched the horse’s body. Don’t forget that wonderful client looking for a wash that wouldn’t cause her elderly dog to scratch his fur out during horse shows when she would put horse blankets out for him to lay on. The problem was, she couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t cause him to itch like crazy. Those are only some of the problems we have heard.

Let’s Sum this Up

Why Blanket Safe? Nothing compares to pulling out a fresh smelling, clean horse blanket or pet item from the washing machine. Especially one that you know the dirt, sweat and grime are removed, but also the bacteria buildup that causes odors. All this done without harmful chemicals that can ruin fabric, waterproofing, and also irritate your horse or your pet’s skin. A product that is specifically created for this purpose. So my question to you, Are you using Blanket Safe yet?

If no, WHY NOT? If you are ready to get started subscribe for deals, and get a discount on your first purchase!

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