The Importance of Proper Horse Blanket Care

Have you ever read the care instructions label on your horse blanket or other gear? Blanket Safe is a detergent free, anti-bacterial horse blanket soap designed to clean and condition modern-day horse blankets in a cold-water wash. We created Blanket Safe to comply with horse blanket care labels after being unable to find something that worked for our standards of horse blanket care.
Most horse blankets and other horse wear instruct you to wash in cold water with a detergent free, mild soap, that does not contain bleach. Blanket Safe works with those labels, making it easy for equestrians, horse fanatics, and equine professionals to quickly and adequately clean their gear with minimal damage.
Follow Your Care Label
When you wash your equine gear, make sure you use cold water. Hot water can melt off factory applied waterproofing. Therefore, can also cause shrinking and ruin the fibers in the fabric. Did you know that most cleaning products need hot or warm water to work effectively? So, if you are washing your gear in cold water while using detergents or products that only work in hot water you might end up cleaning your blankets more than once.
The purpose of Blanket Safe is to minimize the damage caused during the wash. We do everything we can to help you keep your horse blanket working effectively for many years. Blanket Safe works in cold water, so you only have to wash your blanket once instead of running it through two or three times to get it clean. The less time your blanket spends in the washing machine, the longer it will last. 
All of Blanket Safe washes are detergent free.  Most horse gear care labels instruct against the use of detergents. Detergents degrade fabrics and ruin waterproofing. They also add chemicals to the material that make re-waterproofing difficult.
Just like human skin, some horse’s skin is very delicate. An allergic reaction from detergents and other chemicals can cause hives, irritation, and loss of hair. Detergents are in almost every product making it difficult for horse enthusiasts to find a product that actually works and abides by the care labels on their gear.
We have done all the hard work for our customers to make sure that our products do follow care labels. I’m sure we’ve all seen the commercials on TV that ask about clothing that is half washed and stretched and of shape, hence one of the consequences of detergents. In contrast, our products help condition your products rather than stretching them and tearing them apart.
Anti-Bacterial Wash
In addition, all of our products are also anti-bacterial. These antibacterial soaps are essential for horse blanket laundries as well as barns with a communal machine. It helps prevent cross-contamination when washing so your horse blanket doesn’t end up with another horse’s bacteria on it. That might not seem like a big problem until you start talking about bacterial diseases such as strangles.
Our products not only wash horse blankets, but they also do a fantastic job at clearing out the washing machines themselves and getting them ready for the next item. We occasionally get contacted by laundries who have provided washing services for barns that have tested positive for strangles. They are naturally very concerned about cross contamination to other barns and think they need to bleach out their washing machines and take a ton of extra precautions. If they use Blanket Safe, we get to tell them they don’t have to worry because the antibacterial enzymes in the soap already took care of it.
Antibacterial properties help remove odors from the blanket. Typical dirt (not manure or urine, just dirt) sand or clay does not have a nasty odor. What you smell on a stinky horse blanket or other gear is bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus, and grime. Because Blanket Safe is antibacterial, it eliminates odors from where they start.
 As we near spring and you get ready to put your horse blankets up for the winter, buy yourself a bottle of Blanket Safe horse wash so you can be confident your blankets are put away clean and bacteria free.

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