Things That We Can't Live Without!

Things We Cant Live Without

Blanket Safe is not just Horse Blanket Laundry Soaps, we are your one stop shop to running your horse blanket service. Looking for our soaps? If so, check here . But, if you’ve ever wondered what other business are using every day; or maybe, preparing to start your own Horse Blanket Wash and Repair Service, or Specialty Laundry business, and looking for all the things those businesses can’t live without. Here is the inside look at what WE use every day, and the easy ways to get your hands on these products too! From our Laundry and Cleaning Essentials, to Office Supplies, to Life Saving Necessities to keep your sanity, we have you covered!

Horse Blanket Service: Horse Laundry, Cleaning, Sewing Essentials


Want to start diluting out your concentrates and make it easier to dispense? Look no Further! We have several of these for all the different washes we use, for each horse blanket service, even for our waterrepellents! What we love: They are heavy duty, easy to carry, large enough to make a full batch and more, and easy to label. These tanks will make your life so much easier! Click the picture for more info!

 Blanket Safe Essentials. Aqua-Tainer 7gal container for mixing blanket safe soaps Click on the 7 Gallon Aqua Tainer for more info, Spout is included!


Measuring out diluted washes or mixing up your wash by load? These will definitely come in handy. What we LOVE about these in comparison to others, they have 3 ways to measure out your fluids, so it is guaranteed to suit at least one of your ways of measurement. We have at least 2, always on hand!


 Blanket Safe Recommended Measuring cup, perfect for mixing and measuring blanket safe products Click on the Measuring Cup for more info!


Getting Ready to Spray on Water Repellent! THIS IS A MUST HAVE! So much easier than carrying one around with you! It is large enough to make up a batch, and easy to use! Make sure you have a strong enough setting to prevent wind from carrying away, and to make sure you are getting enough product into the fibers. Plus, You can’t beat the price for the quality! We have used our for 2+ years, and still going strong!


Blanket Safe Recommended Sprayer, for spraying on Blanket Safe Water-Repellents Click on the Portable Sprayer for more info!


We love this tool for washing your saddle pads, wraps, boots on the go, or even for washing your blankets, fly sheets, saddle pads in muck tubs. We are often asked “How do can I wash my horse blankets?” and while an industrial machine is a great tool, it is not the only way! Many people will wash in muck buckets, large troughs, with sprayers, by hand and a car scrub brush…what ever your way Blanket Safe can be used! This tool will however help you in getting your items cleaner when washing in muck buckets and really help to agitated the wash!  

    Hand AgitatorClick on the image for more nfo!


Hair comes with blankets, saddle pads, fleeces and coolers….and while our washes are EXCELLENT at helping to remove the majority of hair, you may still be left with a little. We have tried a LOT of brands, but we still believe that Evercare Brands Stand ABOVE! We love these T handle ones, and they perform great on pet hair. Thank us later.

Lint Rollers recommended by blanket safe for all pet hair needs for every horse blanket service  Click the Evercare T Handle Giant Roller for more info!


It may surprise you, but EquiGroomers are just as fantastic on Fabrics as they are on your pet or horse! The EquiGroomer is one of the tools that you need a few of! They are perfect for saddle pads and getting out stubborn stuck hairs, de-pilling fleece, removing those last remaining hairs! Lets not forget your furniture! We Love because they can be used for so many purposes, and work great without damaging the fabric! This is one of our secret tools, both for business and in the barn!

Blanket Safe loves Equigroomers, for removing all pet hair and de-pilling   Click the EquiGroomer for more info!


 Looking for the Perfect Thread! Here is the perfect thread for your horse blanket repairs! This picture will take you to all the different colors! Looking for which you should stock up on first? Our choices would be: BLACK, NAVY, GREEN, MAROON, TAN. Why We love? 69 Bonded Thread is UV Resistant, heavy duty, looks great, and works perfect for all the materials commonly used.

The perfect thread for horse blanket services and Blanket Safe Click the Perfect Thread for more info!


 Looking for your next pair of favorite fabric shears? Look no further! These are so comfortable, and large! You cannot beat the 10 inch size! They really are nice enough to cut through leather. These scissors will often grow feet and head to different sewing machines. They have quickly become the favorite pair.

    Looking for a good pair Click this pair!


Looking to keep your hardware organized? We love these! Plenty of drawers, plenty of space, yet small enough to keep out of the way! They come in an all black and a colorful option. Why we love? The colors make it easy to organize by color, or label the outside. It is not huge, and perfect for offices with limited space! Want to see the slightly cheaper priced


 All black? Check Here. Want more info for the colorful option? Check Here! 


Looking to make bagging up horse blankets easy? This is our recommendation! Why don’t we adore zippered bags? simple! We do not want our customers returning dirty bags with their dirty blankets, I certainly don’t want to have to worry about washing them and making sure they go home with the same owners (I would personally be grossed out if I found out I had someone else’s dirty bag…I’ve been how people care for them!), and often times people thing they do not have to then store them appropriately, and then when mice get in…they are shocked! I love a quick and easy heat seal for sending back horse wear! Why I love: Looks professional, quick, and easy!

Blanket Safe recommends heat sealing horse blankets into bags for better quaility and safety Click the Solution to Bagging Blankets for more info!


Blanket Laundries always ask what kind of bags I use. There are 2. A quick, easy, and cost effective way are these clear heavy-duty trash can liners. They are easy to buy from Amazon with 2 day shipping, and 100 in a box. Why I love: They are cost effective, clear, heavy duty enough for sending blankets back to their owners in.


Recommended bags for Blanket Safe treated horse blankets. Clear bags are easy for owners to see contents Click the Bags for more info! OR Find Large Poly Bags For Heat Sealers in Assorted Sizes Here



These sale order forms are great! They make listing the owners blanket’s easy. They are easy to use, and with 2 copies, there is one for you to have on file for your records. Why we love: As stated above, they are easy to use, and a clear way to document the blankets received, and for you to keep your own records.

The blanket safe recommended invoicing pads for all of your invoicing needs.  Click the Super Functional Sale Order Forms for more info!


 A good pen is essential for writing all those invoices! But these are not just pens they are “MOTIVATIONAL!” Want to see what I am talking about…check them out! Why we Love: Does anything really compete with using a tool that makes you feel empowered?! If you have to write all those invoices anyways, you might as well do it like a BOSS!


Blanket Safe wants people to feel motivated, and these pens are amazing for that! Click the Boss Pens for more info!



Sharpies! NEED I SAY MORE? You will need…YOU WILL NEED LOTS! Depending on how you will be writing out tags for your blankets, or writing on bags, Sharpies will do the trick! Why we Love: Who doesn’t love a Sharpie! Keep them in stock, they are bound to run off!


Blanket Safe isn't sponsored by Sharpie, but they should be! Blanket Safe loves sharpies and feel that you should too Click the Sharpies for more info!

Seems like an odd thing to consider an essential, while a little bit of an investment, it is amazing! Design your own labels for your bags, make shipping labels to send your blanket back to it’s owner, need labels? This machine is a life saver, keeps you looking professional, and comes with a computer program for all your designing and labeling needs. Since it is thermal, there is no ink costs! Why we Love: We use at least daily, all mail ships out, and all blankets going back to their owners. We have designed our labels to clearly list the contents of each bag, and which horse blanket service they received. They are large, easy to read, and nothing like getting huge compliments on labels!!

Blanket Safe uses Label Writer 4XL for customer returns.  Click the Thermal Label Maker for more info!


When you get that machine, get extra labels. You will need them, and find use for each service you provide! While 250 labels seems like a lot, you will go thru them quickly! I suggest using the Dymo lables for the Labelwriter as they perform the best, and highly recommended since you don’t want poor quality labels gunking up your expensive machine you just purchased!

Blanket safe recommends Dymo Products for quality and cost!  Click the Labels for more info!


Thank you Stickers! Add them to bags, add them to receipts, the use is endless….and your customers will appreciate it! We love our customers, I am sure you do too…so go the extra step! Why we Love: They are something so easy, yet something customers notice. It will bring a smile to their face’s and a sure way that they will remember you over the summer and fall!


Blanket Safe appreciates their customers and wants to thank each customer for their support and loyalty Click the Stickers for more info!

Life Saving Necessities


Girl, Wash your face is a Blanket Safe favorite! It should be yours too

Oh girl, don’t tell me you don’t “occasionally” need a pick me up, or a way to remind you, …yes YOU, that you are amazing…even if you are dealing with ton’s of loads of dirty laundry, or the sound of the sewing machine lulls your mind. If you ever need a quick and easy read (or listen) to empower you to achieve your goals and dreams, this and the one below are the one for you! Why I Love??!! Just take a listen, I dare you, Double Dare you! You will feel great, empowered, and trust me…if you feel that way, your work will show it!
Click the picture for more info!

To LISTEN: Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be



Girl, Stop Apologizing is a close 2nd favorite. Blanket safe wants all women entrepreneurs to be proud

So, you decided…hmmm…this biz chick knows what she’s talking about now what?! This ONE! Why I Love: Because as women, business owners, horse lovers, family members, who ever and what ever “You” are….this book will in some way relate to you! Why I Love: It is a quick and easy read (or Listen) Easy to relate to, and so motivational and inspirational…”we” are not alone!
Click the picture for more info!

Girl, Stop Apologizing (Audible Exclusive Edition): A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals



At Blanket Safe, We are boss babes, stand proud,  sis!

Boss Babe, If you’re going to say it, live it, breathe it….you might as well drink it! You are a Boss, babe! However, maybe you are a dude…but since I can’t relate to that…I can’t say that I personally love it, have tried it….I really don’t want to put that on here…but I’m sure if you if look hard enough, you may be able to find a “#bossdude” if not, try the #bossbabe. Totally worth it, start your day, afternoon and possibly evening off right! Why I Love: It starts my day off right!
Click the picture for more info!



Blanket Safe RUNS on Bulletproof Coffee!! We love it, and we are sure if you try will too!

I love this for more than it looks great in my #bossbabe cup! In fact, it makes me feel great! Therefore, If you have never tried, I totally recommend! So, should you love coffee…morning, noon, or night, maybe just with dessert, or a morning donut…if you drink coffee at all, this will hit the spot! Why I love: It really does energize me, and give me a spark that I cannot explain. Try it for yourself!
Click the picture for more info!


My Must Have of the Week! It may surprise you…It may not. The Echo Dot!

To keep you company, play your favorite songs, tell you jokes, play podcasts and so much more, this little Dot, gives you the audio you need without worrying about space, or getting distracted by T.V.

This Echo Dot has my Must Have of the Week! AND it’s on sale on Amazon for $10 off…but it’s a limited time. I don’t know when it ends! So don’t wait, because this Echo Dot is one thing you don’t know you need…until you have it! I have linked it directly for you! 

Echo Dog Gen 3, blanket safe loves...Alexa is a big friend of Blanket Safe Click the Echo Dot for more info!

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