January Horse & Lifestyle Favorites

Wow, hey there, it has been a minute! Hope you have been amazing! This is going to be the first blog post that I will actually be writing on the new platform, so excuse any formatting problems as I learn to fine tune! 

So, it is 2021 and it is about time to start back with a few blog posts regarding horse blankets, washes, waterproofing, all things horse, pet, and laundry. However, before we start with that I figured it was a good time to warm up with a January Favorites for all things horse and lifestyle. Let's go through some of the awesome products I've been loving for the barn and home, and when possible I will link images, social media accounts, or have a link for you for where you can find these on through the company websites or Amazon* . 

January Favorites!

Bal-Aid USA

Bal-Aid USA, Horse Bracelet, Tactile BraceletIf you have followed us on social media, you have probably seen that we are absolutely loving and using the Bal-Aid bracelets. We wear them every single ride, even clinics, lessons, hacks, schoolings. I use them on the front, on the hind, one on a front, one on a hind...we always mix it up

These Tactile bracelets are absolutely incredible, and "probably" perfect for all horses. These bracelets are so light, so soft, so gentle, but provide enough attention to increase expression of the leg being used on. I know for my horse, the changes have been absolutely incredible, and frankly my no. 1 barn tool at this time. I highly suggest for any horse in training! 

Motivational Gallon Water Bottle

Motivational Water Bottle, January Favorites, Blanket Safe

Ok, so again, if you follow us on social, you have probably seen that over the course of December and the New Year I started trying to increase my water intake. I am really bad at this! However, I have been doing great with using this bottle! Not having to refill cups or use plastic bottles has made getting water in, much easier. 

I really do not drink a lot of water, at all...so this fun color #1 makes it hard to lose, but #2 makes it pleasant and fun to carry around, easy to take with you, and really encourages you to want to use it. There were so many fun colors, I found mine on amazon. Plus the cap is tight and doesn't leak. I highly recommend, let's be twins and motivate each other to drink more! P.S. I like my water with a little lime juice. What do you prefer? Lemon, Lime, something else, nothing? 

Keratex Hoof Shield

Keratex Hoof Shield, Blanket Safe, January Favorites, Horse Rider, RugSafe USA

Once again, this product has made many features on my social. I have been going crazy for this hoof shield. This is probably the most outstanding hoof product I have ever used, and that is a big claim...I have used many over the last 2, almost 3 decades. I do think I have all of the Keratex line in the barn, or pretty darn close, and all Keratex products are great in their own aspects. 

However, this one....wow. If you are looking for a simple shine that lasts, dries down with that same shine, doesn't cause footing, dirt, grime to stick to it....this Keratex Hoof Shield is the one for you. It is nice for showing, it is nice for every day use. It is a love of mine, and a staple in the barn. We have one in every grooming box in each trailer, and one in the barn. Plus, Keratex has great customer service and fast shipping. I highly recommend! (as if you couldn't tell).

Centerline Candles

Centerline Candles, Blanket Safe

This one is hard. Hard for me to control my enthusiasm over!!  Let me start by saying that my favorites so far are the Mahogany Coconut and Ranch Morning. These candles not only smell incredible, but with the wooden wick really brings an ambiance to the room, it is so nice to hear it crackle. 

Centerline Candles has great shipping, great customer service, amazing scents, and if you follow them on social media, you can usually find a special discount. If you are really looking for an amazingly scented candle from anything floral, to warm, or foodie (like bacon, warm maple syrup...ask me how I know! lol). Trust me, I have a collection, and that is NO JOKE.  

 Velcro(R) Cleaner

Furminator, Blanket Safe, Hook and Loop

So Velcro is the registered name, kind of like Kleenex for tissues, however it is usually referred to as Hook & Loop (if you should ever see that on my pages). It is around this time of year that your hook and loop on your blankets, neck pieces, and wherever you may find hook and loop becomes clogged with grass, hair, cotton, and so forth. And that is why, these Furminators are one of my favorites. 

Of course these tools are made to pick out that really scratchy side that gets clogged with all different things. This tool is great at cleaning out the big pieces of things like hay, grass, cotton. I use this exact one and it has lasted me 6 years. I just repurchased a new one after it was stolen by a year old black lab and the handle got chewed. If you're looking for an easy fix on that clogged velcro...here you GO! (yes, we are out of stock on the Blanket Safe page, however most of you shop on Amazon anyways). For fine debris like hair and little pieces of fuzz, I suggest a slicker brush. <-like this one. p.s.  Always work with the material, never against!! You shouldn't feel resistance

Lifter Gloss by Maybelline New York

Maybelline Lifter Gloss, Blanket Safe January Favorite

This was one that I was not going to include until I just put it on. So why am I including this?! I purchased this right after the New Year, I have been using so many matte long lasting lipsticks because of the mask situation, my favorites being the Maybelline Stay Ink and Ofra Cosmetics (Specifically in Aspen).  But my lips have literally been DYING for moisture, especially in this cold weather! 

These Lifter Glosses came recommended to me, they said they were very similar to the Gloss Bombs by Fenty Beauty (well, I don't have those, so that means nothing to me). But I wanted a gloss with a little color and no sparkle, just for added moisture when I'm riding or cleaning blankets in this cold weather. So I gave them a try. Very inexpensive, and they have hyaluronic acid....one of my most favorite ingredients. (if you purchased one of the mystery boxes, I included a lip balm I make/use, and of course it has hyaluronic acid in it!!). Well, let me say, this Lifter Gloss has quickly become one of my favorite glosses for non-mask times! I have it in Stone, a light tint of neutral color, it has no sparkle, a lot of shine, NO stickiness, very smooth and luxurious....especially for the price!! I highly recommend these!! 

Mug Warmer

Mug Warmer, Blanket Safe Favorite

Last but not least, this mug warmer. I love my coffee throughout the day, but even before it started to get cold, I typically find that once I start working I often come back to a very cold cup of coffee. This little Mug Warmer is fantastic. First....it is pink, second, it is small enough to fit at the end of my sewing machines, so when I am working I can keep my coffee warm between sips! 

I have never thought about getting one until I just got sick of getting grossed out by sipping cold coffee (iced coffee is just very different than cold coffee...don't ask, I already hear it from my husband). Especially in the winter, even though I don't feel like the house is super cold, it feels like my coffee gets cold quickly. So this has been a nice treat in keeping my coffee warm, and my mood happy! 

 So There They Are

My January Favorites! Have you tried any of these items, are they your favorite too? Will you try them? I would love to hear your opinions on them. From the barn to the house, these are just the items that I have noticed this past month that have been standouts in my normal routine. I would love to know, what are you loving right now? I would love to try them out and maybe you will see your item next on my February Favorites list!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and as always, be safe, be awesome, have an amazing ride, and we will see you again really soon!! 




*These are my honest opinions of these items, and not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. Some may be links provided by Amazon associates for ease of viewing and purchasing. 


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