Horse Blanket Wash: but wait, there's more...

Not just another Horse Blanket Wash

"I don't wash my own horse blankets"...I hear that a lot, but there is more to Blanket Safe than meets the eye. While many horse blanket washes set limitations on what you can wash, how you can wash, and frankly never give you the results you're looking for, Blanket Safe horse blanket wash is different. It's NOT "just" for horse blankets (insert mind-blown emoji here)!

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A Safe For Waterproofing Laundry Soap

So let me start by just giving you a nutshells worth of information from the very beginning. Blanket Safe makes professional washes that any horse owner and pet adorer can use easily, effectively and SAFELY. Blanket Safe is detergent-free, free from fabric softeners, bleach free, free from residues, and free from potentially skin irritating chemicals.  WHY is this important? Detergents, fabric softener, residues, can all degrade your turnout's waterproofing, even the waterproofing on your dog bed cover.

But detergents can also ruin fabric and cause skin irritation. Blanket Safe products were designed to protect fabric, protect waterproofing during the wash cycle, allow you to reapply a waterproofing product of your choice, and protects your animal's skin. But ultimately, what does this make our laundry soap? MULTI-PURPOSE! 

Not Just a Horse Blanket Wash?

While we originally designed a wash to protect your very expensive horse blankets and actually WORK, our washes can be used to safely wash all your washable horse and pet wear. So yes, that magnetic therapy blanket, your couch cover, your dog pet, your pet's chew toys, your horses halters, washable girths, over reach boots, wraps, shipping boots, fleece coolers, saddle pads, your shower curtain, your truck seat covers, the washable area rug...have I made the point? But you can also use our washes by hand or by machine.

But you can do all this WITHOUT detergents. Detergents do a lot more than destroy waterproofing, they can also stretch and ruin fabrics/material. We've all seen the commercials "...are your clothes half washed?" the stretched out shirts. Well, those detergents will do the same for your saddle pads for example and turn them into lifeless mini-quilts. Fortunately Blanket Safe, is here for you. 

What is especially important is that because our horse and pet safe laundry washes are residue free and do not contain any bleaches, fabric softeners, or residues, our washes can be used to safely wash those items that are in close contact to your pets and horses (even sweaty horses). When horses get sweaty, pores on the horses skin can open up, which may allow skin irritating residues to really impact your horse. And as a horse owner myself, NO, I do not want my horses legs or back irritated....especially by something I can control. This may cause anything from hives, to hair loss. 

Animal Safety

While it is important for me to have clean laundry for my horses, especially since it protects against bacteria...I will never sacrifice the safety of my horses skin. So again, while Blanket Safe mentions "Blanket" in the name, essentially it is Horse - Pet - Laundry - Skin - Blanket - Magnetic therapy blanket - Saddle Pad - Wraps - Washable Items SAFE. If you can wash your items in your house hold laundry detergent...(which you shouldn't be) can wash it in Blanket Safe ...(which you SHOULD be).

Blanket Safe User Statement: "We tried your Blanket Safe products after a trip to the vet when our dog was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis. He was incessantly licking his paws only while on our bed. They suggested switching to a free and clear laundry detergent to see if that helped. I already had Blanket Safe for our horse blankets, but decided to wash our own bed sheets and cover with it too. I'm not sure what magic you have in here, but the licking has stopped. It could be a coincidence, but we are all much happier and sleeping better than ever since the licking has finally stopped!"  **we do understand that user experience my vary from animal to animal, however it is important to realize that just like people, animals may also have sensitivities to chemicals used in detergents**

Whoever Smelt it...

Also, it should be noted. While our horse blanket wash, lets call it "Multi-Purpose Horse & Pet Laundry Wash"  has scents, because our product is residue free, after washing there should be no lingering scents. Lingering scents on fabric are residues, and therefore after you're done washing your horse blanket or dog bed you shouldn't smell manure or wet dog, and flowers, it should just smell fresh. Our scents are there to make pet laundry more enjoyable for you. We all know that laundry for our pets and horses never ends...therefore make it enjoyable without the worry (and your pet doesn't care if their laundry smells like flowers....but sometimes that can be irritating to their sensitive sense of smell so keep that in mind).

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Let's Wrap it Up!

Blanket Safe is not just for Blankets. The qualities in our horse blanket wash are important for all pet and horse laundry. Our Blanket Safe laundry soaps are detergent free, residue free, free from fabric softeners and bleaches, and free from potentially-skin irrigating chemicals, which makes our products safe for all of your pet laundry needs AND completely unique. While Blanket Safe is a completely unique horse blanket wash, it is also perfect for use for so many of your tough job laundry needs, especially for when talking about your pet and horse laundry needs. So let's just call it a "Detergent-Free Multi-Purpose Laundry Soap" ...maybe? So what can Blanket Safe wash, but not limited to?

  • Turnout Blankets
  • Stable Blankets
  • Sweats
  • Magnetic therapy blanket
  • Couch covers
  • Dog beds
  • Pet's chew toys
  • Horse and Dog halters
  • Washable girths
  • Over-reach boots
  • Wraps
  • Shipping boots
  • Fleece coolers
  • Saddle pads
  • Shower curtains
  • Your Bedding
  • Truck seat covers
  • Washable area rugs
  • Spot Cleaning on Fabrics, Furniture, Carpets...

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