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Hey there friend, and welcome back for another mind- blowing blog post, created by yours truly. Today, I wanted to review one of the most popular questions we get asked. I am sure if you follow this blog post and have read each one with great anticipation...this one may feel very redundant. However, sometimes we all need a refresher, and that my friend is one of my fortes....just ask my husband! (LOL)

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let us very quickly review the HOW TO's of Blanket Safe products. Here is also a link that dives a little deeper into how to get the best out of your Blanket Safe! 


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How To Use Blanket Safe

Blanket Safe is very easy to use, and is very user friendly. **It is important to remember that if you are taking your laundry to a laundromat, that you should be considerate of others. Excess lumps of hair, caked on dirt, hay should be "removed" or lessened prior to going into a public machine. Spray it off, brush it off, do what you must. (And make sure to remove any huge hair balls or debris that may be left in the machine after washing. 

Blanket Safe works best when putting into a washing machine dispenser, or directly into the washing machine prior to laundry. Make sure to follow the machine's suggested use for laundry detergent or soap. Every machine is different, so I cannot tell you how to best use your own machine. **There are other ways to use Blanket Safe other than in a machine, it is described a little further down. 

Laundry time

Add your laundry to the machine. Make sure not to over fill your machine (just because you can fit it in...doesn't mean you should!). Often times horse and pet laundry is MUCH more dirty than your typical laundry. This will require extra water, and extra space to really scrub and clean your laundry during the cycle. Blankets especially will need much more water to get into all those nooks and crannies of the blanket, to get in to clean and also to flush the dirty water and grime out. 

**One tip I like to give, is to "fold" or "ball up" your horse blankets with the dirtiest part (typically the outer shell of the blanket) toward the inside. Essentially this provides more scrubbing area. And again, make sure your machine is strong enough. Even when your medium weight gets wet, that blanket is super heavy. Your machine not only need to provide enough water to get your blanket wet, disperse the soap, and clean...but the machine itself needs to be strong enough to toss and turn a very heavy saturated blanket. 

Cold Water

ALWAYS COLD WATER. This is very important for the factory applied waterproofing, and quite literally Blanket Safe works best in cold water. That is not to say if you are washing other items that you can't use Blanket Safe in warm or hot water, but for your horse and pet needs...cold water works perfectly. Prevent shrinking, prevent ruining, prevent spending excess on energy for hot water...just stick with cold. 

Lastly, hang to dry. Your horse and pet laundry do best when hanging to dry. Heat should never be applied to turnouts, for risk of melting the factory applied waterproofing. You may also find a difference with such things as saddle pads...shape and stiffness of a saddle pad may last longer and look nicer, without so quickly look and feel like a miniature sized bed quilt. 


Blanket Safe Before and After


What Can You Wash with Blanket Safe?

Practically anything washable. Easy, we are done, thanks for coming!

Just kidding!! But partially true. Blanket Safe can wash most all washable things. While Blanket Safe is safe for waterproofing, and designed for just means it is extra safe. However, it can in fact be used for just about all laundry types. Go ahead, use it on your stable blankets and fly sheets, saddle pads...ABSOLUTELY, dog beds...some people say it is the only thing that has actually worked on urine smells. 

Magnet therapy blankets (Fenwick, BOT...), polos, wraps, easy wraps, halters, lead ropes, seat covers, spot cleaning, truck/car floor mats, pillow covers, washable area rugs, drapes, bedding, clothes....yes, you can use Blanket Safe. Wool? We sure do have a wool wash, which is perfect for wool and fleece. **Fleece can be washed in our regular wash, the fleece and wool wash helps to keep the fibers soft and moisture wicking, and specially designed for natural fibers. 

What Can Blanket Safe Be Used For?

How Can I Use Blanket Safe?

Blanket Safe can be used in a laundry machine as previously mentioned and most commonly used. Blanket Safe will not make up for lacks in your laundry machine. Such as, if you try to wash your combo heavy weight in your home machine, and do not get fantastic is likely not the soap as much as the effectiveness of your machine on a very heavy blanket (especially when wet...blankets get HEAVY, and your machine needs to be strong enough to really agitate and toss that blanket).

Horse blankets are not comparable to household laundry, they are larger, heavier, and dirtier just to name three aspects. So do not for once believe that a household machine will do as great of a job as a commercial machine when it comes to larger tasks. As always, avoid using household detergents (they ruin waterproofing, ruin fibers, and are NOT designed for your horse wear). 

We are often asked if Blanket Safe can be used in a pressure washer, sure! Make sure to avoid super high pressure on your horse wear and pet wear. You don't want to ruin the fibers, or force water through the fabric. For waterproof fabric, this will create areas/holes that water will be able to then get through in the be gentle, but yes, you can use a pressure washer. Many people will wash their western pads with a pressure washer. 

By hand in a muck tub. Sure! They can be hard to find, but these  hand agitators are great and easily portable. However, a plunger should be able to help. Make sure to agitate and scrub. Again, Blanket Safe does not do the work for helps to make that work better and easier, but it does not work alone. 

Taking it on the go as a rinse. Absolutely. We love taking Blanket Safe on the go. It is especially helpful in washing horse boots after use. Dilute Blanket Safe out in a bucket with some water (yes remember, while Blanket Safe looks very is designed to still work in VERY large laundry machines. so a LITTLE goes a LONG WAY!!!). So you may only need a cap full or two. Swish your boots around and around, then rinse out in a bucket of clean water.  


16oz Blanket Safe


Lastly, in a spot-vac (this is the one I have, but there are many different brands that work too) or carpet cleaner. Yes, really. So I originally discovered this beautiful ability when cleaning the floor mats of my car....and then the truck. The mats came out beautiful, shiny, literally sparkled. We all know what happens to vehicles on a farm, or ones that frequent the barn. I dont have fabric seats, so I haven't been able to use the spot-vac for those, but I hav e washed the seat covers in a laundry machine. I've also used our products for some crazy results on our carpet. What happens when you have animals, live on a farm...and you just dont see but ewws you out.....yea. Again, you dont need a lot in a carpet cleaner. Just a little goes a long way, it is designed for commercial laundry machines, so don't go crazy! No need to waste your investment!


Blanket Safe uses on Carpet



So, friend...if you're still here after that carpet pic, I admire your strong stomach! I hope this quick review helps you in your Blanket Safe uses and washing! If you have any questions, if I failed and didn't mention a problem or question you were having, PLEASE let me know! You can always find me on Instagram and Facebook

Until next time friends, Stay Safe, Stay Beautiful, and Have an Amazing Ride!!




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