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(1 Gallon) Blanket Safe Wholesale Washes

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1 Gallon Concentrate Blanket Safe Soap: Washes and Deodorizers

We have what YOU have been looking for!

Concentrated Blanket Safe Soap and Deodorizers

****THIS PAGE OFFERS WHOLESALE PRICES!**** To Purchase from this Wholesale Page, you must order a minimum of 4 Gallons of your choice of Concentrates. 

Concentrate Blanket Safe Soap makes a MINIMUM of 16 (32oz Bottles). While our suggestion to wash per LOAD is 5-8oz of diluted solution, depending on soiling and size of load….feel free to adjust as needed. Many of our Professional Laundries have used as little as 2oz of diluted solution per LOAD with fantastic results.

Thinking a 32oz ready to use bottle is more your size? Look here!

All Washing Machines are NOT created equal, so adjust as you need…just make sure you have enough water and you are NOT crowding the machine! 

Have you read yet about what makes Blanket Safe different? If not, Read Here

Unlike so many others, our washes DO NOT NEED WARM/HOT WATER for effective in cleaning, they have DEODORIZERS built in (no need for another product), they are DETERGENT FREE, they are MADE FOR HORSE BLANKETS…not tents, shoes, other outer wear (since we know tents don’t worn on the back of a horse…why would a tent wash work for horse blankets?)

Ultimately as a horse laundry owner, and horse owner, I have find that horse blankets are not being cared for as they should be, partially because there is no easily accessible product to help appropriately care for your or your clients horse wear. This includes, but never limited to: saddle pads, girths, turn out blankets, fly sheets, stable blankets, wraps, and hoods. Now there is a safe product, and we have companies that are actually voiding warranties if the horse or pet item is not washed in Blanket Safe.

For review:

  • Blanket Safe Washes are SPECIFICALLY made for HORSE WEAR and Pet Wear
  • Our Washes are DESIGNED with Horse blanket care Labels in mind.
  • All of our Washes are Low Sudsing and Residue Free, and Safe for your HE machine
  • Our Washes EXCEL in cold water
  • Blanket Safe Washes help to MAINTAIN and restore color
  • All Washes are safe for WATERPROOFING
  • None of the washes contain additives, bleaches, softeners, or harsh chemicals
  • We are 100% Sourcing, Bottling and Shipping from the USA

Our Products are available as Retail and Wholesale, we also offer private label!

Custom Scents available-Herbal, Mountain Fresh, Cherry, Lemon, Apple, Melon, Orange. (To order Custom Scents you must order at least 12 32oz bottles, or 5 1gal Concentrates, wholesale available please contact me)

32oz will wash 4-5 Loads depending on soiling and load size.

1 Gal Concentrate: Mix 1 part Wash with 3 parts Water