REFILL Your Blanket Safe Bottle

Free Refill to help the Environment

We are excited to announce that our first initiative for 2020 is to help the environment. RugSafe USA, llc is offering a free refill for qualified Blanket Safe purchases! Here at RugSafe USA, llc and Blanket Safe products, we strive to always benefit our retailers, equestrians and horses…this year we are striving to benefit the environment!


To qualify for a free refill, bottles must be from a 32oz Blanket Safe Wash from one of our retailers, or any of our 8oz Mix-it Yourself Wash Concentrate bottles purchased from the website. To include holiday purchases, all bottles must be purchased after December 1st 2019. *32oz Bottles purchase from, waterproofing and Bottles that have a private/white label (not labeled with our “Blanket Safe” label) do not qualify for a free refill.


Well, since we cannot force anyone to recycle their bottles after use, we had to come up with new ideas. We had a few options, either we could provide you some craft ideas to make out of your bottles (but, I don’t have time for that), OR we could offer a Free Refill on certain bottles!


To qualify, bottles must be purchased after December 1st 2019 (so proof of purchase/receipt must include a date if from a retailer). If you make a qualifying purchase for the Holidays, your bottle(s) will receive a free refill opportunity.


Ship your empty 32oz Blanket Safe Wash bottle, or your 8oz Mix-It Yourself Concentrate bottle to Blanket Safe. MAKE SURE to include your Proof of Purchase/Receipt with valid purchase date from the retailer (for 32oz Bottles), the form provided below & $10.95 for Shipping and Handling. Without the 3 above methods we will not be able to process your refill and will not return. Qualified bottles have a limit of 1 FREE Refill.


Simply mail all qualifying bottles in the USA, to the address below, with Refill Information and Payment form.

Refill Time may take 5-7 Days to process. We will ship back to the address listed on the Refill Information and Payment Form.


As Always, Thank you for choosing Blanket Safe for all of your Horse Blanket, Horse Wear, and Pet needs! xx

Bottles that Qualify for Refill:

8oz Bottle of Concentrate purchased from & 32oz Bottles purchased from a Retail Store Only. *32oz Bottles purchased from, Waterproofing, and Private labeled bottles DO NOT qualify.

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