Laura's Blanket Safe Favorites, Blanket Safe Fleece & Wool, Blanket Safe Zesty Lemon

Laura's Spring Favorites

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Laura's 2021 Spring Favorites and must haves for all your horse and pet laundry. In this special set, you will receive a 16oz of BOTH the Fleece & Wool wash, and a Zesty Lemon Wash. *No substitutions. 

Blanket Safe Spring Favorites

After another day of mucking out the stable and stalls and grooming the horse who holds your heart, you deserve a break when it comes to cleaning his blanket or fly sheet. And he deserves a blanket wash that treats his skin and hair with gentle care. 

Blanket Safe Wash and deodorizers are the world’s easiest, cold-water horse blanket washes--made by horse and animal lovers--exclusively just for cleaning and deodorizing horse blankets, fly sheets, and pet beds. 

Too often blankets get dirty--and stay dirty--because cleaning is too complicated. As horse owners, we wanted a product that would easily clean the months of dirt, bacteria and odor accumulated on our horse’s blankets and fly sheets, and that wouldn’t hurt either our animals, or the blankets.

Unlike “all purpose” detergents with harmful chemicals that strip blankets of waterproofing or trigger allergies in animals or itching on horses, Blanket Safe washes and deodorizers are residue free and irritant free, which means your blankets and pet wear come out of the wash not only looking like new, but 100% safe for both children and animals.

Have you read yet about what makes Blanket Safe different? If not, Read Here

Horse Blanket and Pet Laundry products:

  • 16oz will wash 2-3+ Loads depending on soiling and load size.

    • Regular Washes - The workhorse (sorry, we had to!) of our wash family, the regular wash is our best general cleaner for a variety of items. Our standard scents include French Lavender, Fresh Linen, Sweet Cherry, and Zesty Lemon. (And as wonderful as they smell going into the wash, your blanket will come out clean and completely odor free, so your horse or animals won’t be bothered by any smells). Use on anything washable, but we don’t suggest using this one on wool.
    • Fleece & Wool - This formulation is safe and effective on all your wool, sheepskin, and fleece items. (Fleece items may also be washed in the Regular or Free & Clear Wash.)

What makes Blanket Safe the best horse blanket wash available?

✔️ Made exclusively for horse blankets and other animal wear
✔️ Effective (and excellent) in cold water
✔️ Detergent free
✔️ Low-suds, residue free
✔️ HE machine safe
✔️ Safe for waterproofing
✔️ Maintains and restores color
✔️ Removes smells from horse blankets
✔️ NO additives, NO bleaches, NO softeners, NO harsh chemicals
✔️ Maintains waterproofing warranties
✔️ 100% Made in the USA (from ingredients to bottles)

Blanket Safe is a great multitasker, replacing the need for multiple animal care cleaners. Extremely effective on:

✔️ Blankets
✔️ Fly sheets
✔️ Coolers
✔️ Saddle pads
✔️ Wraps/boots
✔️ Pet accessories (dog beds, clothing, leashes, collars, toys)


Our Products are available as Retail and Wholesale, we also offer private label!


Custom Scents available-Herbal, Mountain Fresh, Apple, Melon, Orange. (To oder Custom Scents you must meet minimum order quantities wholesale available please contact me)